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On a typical day in the U.S. there are 17,000 vehicle accidents, injuring 12,300 and killing 106.



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 The safest vehicles are represented by the intersection of the circles and are listed below

The safest vehicles have better than average VEHICLE WEIGHT COMPATIBILITY*, are rated 5-STARS OVERALL by NHTSA, meet TOP SAFETY PICK criteria by IIHS, have a NHTSA side-impact rating of 5-Stars, a rollover rating of at least 4-Stars, and a vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention system rated at least 5 points by IIHS8,356 vehicles have been evaluated for model-years 2011–2021: 1% meet SAFEST criteria; 19% have REDUCED SAFETY; 35% are LEAST SAFE; 45% have INDETERMINATE SAFETY due to incomplete ratings data.**


Safest 1% for Model-Year 2021

Ranked by vehicle weight compatibility* (#1 = best)



''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 1 ''''''''''''''' 2021 ''''''''''''''' AUDI Q8 SUV 
  4   2021   SUBARU ASCENT SUV 
  5   2021   VOLVO XC90 T5 SUV  
  6   2021   VOLVO XC90 T6 SUV 
  7   2021   VOLVO XC90 T8 SUV 
  8   2021   BMW X3 SUV  
  9   2021   CADILLAC XT6 SUV . 
  10   2021   CHEVROLET BLAZER SUV  
  11   2021   FORD EDGE SUV  
  12   2021   FORD EXPLORER HEV SUV  
  13   2021   FORD EXPLORER SUV  
  14   2021   GMC ACADIA SUV  
  16   2021   LINCOLN AVIATOR SUV 
  17   2021   VOLVO XC60 T5 SUV 
  18   2021   VOLVO XC60 T6 SUV 
  19   2021   AUDI Q5 SPORTBACK SUV 
  20   2021   AUDI Q5 SUV 
  21   2021   MERCEDES-BENZ GLC SUV 
  23   2021   HYUNDAI SANTA FE SUV 
  24   2021   NISSAN MURANO SUV 
  25   2021   VOLVO XC40 T4 SUV 
  26   2021   VOLVO XC40 T5 SUV 
  27   2021   GENESIS G80 4 DR 
  28   2021   HONDA ODYSSEY VAN 
  30   2021   FORD BRONCO SPORT SUV 
  31   2021   FORD ESCAPE HEV SUV 
  32   2021   FORD ESCAPE SUV 
  33   2021   HONDA CR-V HYBRID SUV 
  34   2021   HONDA CR-V SUV 
  35   2021   HYUNDAI TUCSON SUV 
  36   2021   LINCOLN CORSAIR SUV 
  37   2021   MAZDA CX-30 SUV 
  38   2021   MAZDA CX-5 SUV 
  39   2021   SUBARU FORESTER SUV 





* VEHICLE WEIGHT COMPATIBILITY, measured by MULTI-VEHICLE CRASH FACTOR (MVCF), is the ratio of the driver fatality rate for a vehicle based solely on its class and weight versus the average driver fatality rate for all passenger vehicles in multi-vehicle crashes (23 deaths per million registered vehicle-years).

The relative weight of a vehicle compared with one it collides with in a head-on crash is a critical determinant of the forces the occupants are subjected to, however, neither size or weight are evaluated in crash test ratings and must be assessed separately.







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A.) SAFEST : all crash ratings in top quartile and NHTSA static rollover risk 4/5-Stars (no greater than the average rollover risk for an SUV class vehicle) and multi-vehicle crash factor not greater than 1.0 (driver fatality rate based on class/weight is not greater than the rate for the average passenger vehicle) and headlamp performance rated better than poor and vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention system rated 5/6 (designated "superior" by IIHS which means frontal impact speed is reduced at least 10 m.p.h.). Due to the limited number of vehicles tested for Vehicle-to Passenger front crash prevention system at this time the score for this system is not a criterion for the safest 1%.


B.) LEAST SAFE: any crash rating in the bottom quartile and/or NHTSA static rollover risk 1/2/3Stars (which is above the average risk for an SUV class vehicle) and/or multi-vehicle crash factor above 1.20 (driver fatality rate based on class/weight is at least 20 percent higher than the rate for the average passenger vehicle). Note: A vehicle is not classified as least safe if its only deficiencies are IIHS frontal crash prevention system score and headlamp performance rating.


C.) REDUCED SAFETY: a vehicle that is not LEAST SAFE but has a least one crash rating between the top and bottom quartiles and/or multi-vehicle crash factor between 1.001.20 and/or IIHS frontal crash prevention system score less than 5 and/or IIHS headlamp performance rated poor.


D.) SAFETY INDETERMINATE: any rating unknown, however, all known ratings meet the safest criteria.







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