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Last updated on: 6th of April 2017 at 3:55 pm (EST)
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Body / Drive-Train  
Last Data Update Safety Assessment
IIHS Crash Avoidance Score  
NHTSA Overall Star Rating ?  
   % of Vehicles in Better Rating Category
NHTSA Frontal Impact Star Rating ?
NHTSA Side Impact Star Rating ?
NHTSA Rollover Star Rating ?
IIHS Frontal Impact Rating-moderate overlap*
IIHS Side Impact Rating**
IIHS Rear Impact Rating
IIHS Roof Strength Rating
IIHS Frontal Impact Rating-small overlap***
Compatibility Fatality Factor  
Test Vehicle Weight (lbs.)  
Compatibility Fatality Rate  
*frontal moderate overlap test vehicle:
**side test vehicle:
**side test airbags:
***frontal small overlap test vehicle:
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